The Best Living Room Paint Ideas to Try

The Best Living Room Paint Ideas to Try

Living room paint ideas will have very a great effect to the total look in the living room. You cannot just choose any paint color on your living room if you want to show the best living room to your guests. Some people just try to play safe by choosing neutral color but living room paint can be more than that.

Accent Wall

Creating accent wall can be a great idea which you should try for your living room especially if you love bold shade. Just because you love bold shade, you should not use it for covering all four walls in your living room because it can be overwhelmed. The bold color can be injected for the accent wall. At the same time, you can also make focal point in the living room. Accent wall will have a function for framing the artwork collection or highlighting the architectural feature in the room. Some people think that you only need to use one color for accent wall but you can also use several colors for your accent wall by creating the stripes pattern when painting the wall.

Wall and Ceiling Contrast

Wall might be the biggest part of the room which people have to consider the most especially when they try to choose the right paint ideas. However, you must not forget about the ceiling as well. Interesting contrast can be created in the living room by painting the ceiling with color which is completely different from the wall. It is a great way for adding more dynamic feel in the living room space. If you have muted shade for the wall, you can use subtle color for the ceiling. When the walls are in white, bold color can be used for the ceiling for brightening the room up. Using lilac, blue, or other cool shades is suggested if the ceiling is low so it can appear higher. It will also means that the room will look bigger.

Floor Paint

Painting the walls is a must. Painting the ceiling is considerable. However, people usually do not think that they should paint their living room floor. In fact, there are various possibilities of the design which can be found by painting the living room floors. If you have concrete floor, you can stain or paint it. Bright white or bold and solid color can be chosen if you want to create simple modern look in the living room. By painting with two contrast colors, you can create the traditional checkerboard look in the living room. If you like more natural look, you can paint the floor which is imitating the marble for instance.


You can also make the living room looks more interesting by customizing the paint ideas. You can try creating texture with particular treatments. More than one color look can be done in traditional way by marbling, stippling, or rag rolling. You do not have to be a master of painting because this can be very interesting DIY project for the living room paint ideas.

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