Living Room Design Ideas for Small Space

Living Room Design Ideas for Small Space

Living room design ideas can be very interesting. People usually want to make sure that the living room can be comfortable for the family members and presentable for the guests. It is not an easy task for sure especially for you who have small living room. There is no need to worry because by following the tips below, your small living room can look larger.

Cozy Feel

The very first step for getting larger look in the small living room is by keeping it cozy. This can be a little bit confusing after all especially because usually cozy will be identical with the cramped room. However, it will be different with the cozy feel which you try to bring in your living room. You will lean into things which make the room feels genuinely cozy. For this purpose, you need to arrange the seating closely and in intimate way. You also need to choose the plush and soft rug which will never fail to bring the cozy feel in the room. This arrangement will make you want to snuggle and relax instantly.

Hammock Chair

There is a particular reason why you should use hammock chair in your small living room. It is true that the hammock chair is very trendy in current fashion but it is not the only reason why you have to install it in your living room. Hammock chair actually will be a great savior in the living room with small space. Hammock chair allows you to add seating in the living room but it will not take a lot of floor space unlike the armchair for instance. That is why it will be a great way for expanding the space look since there is more floor space exposed.

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All White Look

All white look seems like the never go wrong option which you can apply in the small living room. You need to keep the floors as well as walls all white. It will be useful for make the space look brighter. Eye catching effect can be found by creating a gallery wall. You can hang the matted art with wide size and wide frames. No worry, you will not find the space cluttered with this detail. At the same time, you can also make the room focal point by using the furniture in colors.

Light Curtains and Large Rug

The choice of the curtain will really matter in small living room design. The key point when designing the small living room is to maximize the light. That is why you should choose the light shade and curtains. Better result can be found if you choose the curtain color which matches the color of the walls. Rug cannot be skipped for creating a comfortable living room even in a small space. When you choose a rug, you have to choose the larger one. Even if it comes with bold pattern, you have to choose larger rug for making the room looks bigger. It will not visually break up the living room floor so larger rug must be included in the living room design ideas.

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