Living Room Color Ideas for Showing Characters

Living Room Color Ideas for Showing Characters

Living room color ideas must be chosen carefully because the living room can be the very first representation of the homeowner. It is better to build certain character in the living room and it can be done by using the right color scheme. Here are some color scheme ideas which can be considered for your living room.


Turquoise can be the very first option for your living room color scheme. It is kind of vibrant shade which is able to add character as well as personality especially under the daylight. When it comes to the night, this color can provide the warm coziness which can be great for snuggling. The turquoise color choice must come with vivacity that is energizing instead of overwhelming or brash. This color can be combined with mid blue. Because of the strong color combination of turquoise and mid blue, it is better for keeping the flooring in pale color. The woodwork should also be kept in pale color such as white for cooling the look.

Match Color for Wall and Shelving

You should try to color the wall and shelving with the same color for your living room. It is a great way for making a feature in the living room actually. If you have the large boxed shelving which cover the wall completely, this method actually will be a great trick. You can use the grey matt finish paint for the wall and the shelving. The mellow contrast can be found since the woodwork is kept in white. There is no need to worry about the color blending in the living room if you have toning furniture and flowing. Seasonal feel can be added by using fall colors like burnt orange and olive green.

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You must not forget to find the harmony in the living room and it can be done by choosing the right color scheme for sure. In the colder months for instance, the living room can be warmed up by using plum tones. To enhance the comfortable feeling in the living room, it should be combined with dusky rose shade. The main wall should be blocked with port wine red color so you can display the rich and heritage element in the room. For avoiding the overdrive look with the color scheme, other elements including accessories in the living room should be in sifter grey, brown, and mauve grey.

Sweet Look

Last but not least, you can also keep the sweet look in the living room by choosing the right color scheme. You will decorate the room with pastel colors but it does not mean that you have to make the room look completely pale. Yes, you should choose the sugary shade for the living room but the darker color should be used for painting the accent wall. It will help to bring the balance since the adjacent wall is painted with lighter tone. You can how great it looks with the pastel color chosen for the furniture items in theliving room color ideas.

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